Christ will return at the conclusion of the violent era as described in Revelation, to establish permanent peace! As we have seen, the Bible warns us of Satan the devil's deception of mankind. Through this deception he has made himself the ruler and the god of this present age. Satan used a man named Nimrod... Continue Reading →


Peter describes Prophets as holy Men of God , who spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit of God. So a Prophet is one who speaks for God, one who tells us before hand what is to take place. The Words that are brought to us by the Prophets usually begins; " Thus... Continue Reading →

God And I

Jesus makes me Smile,Laugh, and Walk again, Oh Lord, you are the only One, that's why I am holding on so long! There were times when I felt I would give it up There were times when I felt I couldn't live it up There was time when I felt I would just lie down... Continue Reading →

Renew Your Faith Like Job

Job; the 18th book of the Bible. Set in the period of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph) it gives the account of a man who loses everything- his wealth, his family, his health, everything and wrestles with the question. Why? The book begins with a heavenly debate between God and Satan and moves... Continue Reading →

The Book of Joshua

Greetings All, The Book of Joshua is the 6th book of the Holy Bible! The number six (6) is man's spirit; mankind, six responsibilities; people; earthly or material things; anything of a physical nature.   Joshua the first of twelve historical books, forges a link between the Pentateuch and the remainder of Israel's history. Through three... Continue Reading →


Greetings All, It is of great delight to have you all join us in the study of Ephesians! Evangelist Sister Bianca brings us the lesson on Friday evenings live on skype: Ephesians is the 49th book of the Bible; this mathematical  #49 gives us the explanation of the entire Book of Ephesians as given by... Continue Reading →

Be Filled

Greetings All, If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children; how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him? The Holy Spirit is a gift (Acts 2: 38;) and God simply wants you to have Him! May your day be blessed Pastor... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Need More God?

Greetings All, In my Word of the Day I normally write everything out for you, but today I would like you to follow me in your Bible as we read these truth together! The question is: "Why do we need more of God?" Well, let us begin in the beginning! Weather you believe in God... Continue Reading →

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