Word Of The Day–Obedience

If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the fat of the land: Isa: 1: 19;

Obedience is a life style…….

Dear God, I love You and I want to obey You. I’m thrilled with Your Word that teaches me that as I obey You and keep Your Words, I will experience Your love, and You will make Your abode with me. Your abiding presence gives me fullness of joy, and inspires me to obey you more and more. As I ponder the importance of obedience in my life, Lord, I am truly stunned by Your promise which tells me that if I will obey Your voice and keep Your covenant, I will become Your special treasure. Your Word teaches me that all Your promises are yes to me, in Christ Jesus.

Please forgive me, Lord for each time I disobeyed you in any way. I truly repent of all disobedience in my life. Show me Your ways O Lord, and teach me Your path. Lead me in Your truth, for You are the God of my  salvation. Let Your Spirit guide me in all truth, according to Your Word. I now surrender to Your will in all things, as I commit myself to obeying You. Thank You Lord for Your love, in Jesus name Amen.

Pastor Jonathan.


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