My Word will not return voidmagaine

Christ will return at the conclusion of the violent era as described in Revelation, to establish permanent peace!

As we have seen, the Bible warns us of Satan the devil’s deception of mankind. Through this deception he has made himself the ruler and the god of this present age. Satan used a man named Nimrod to organize the many small but rapid multiplying tribes of mankind into a system quite different from what God intended. Nimrod attempted to unite all people into a single empire. This was not what God wanted! It was mankind first attempt to thwart God’s desire to give each family its own territory as an inheritance. God wanted for us to make use of the extended family as the foundation for organization and structure. Nimrod and his people rejected God’s plan in favor of a single empire supported by a strong military force. Having no Faith in God’s protection, leadership and way of life, they decided for themselves how the earth should be organized and governed. God intervened in the incident at the Tower of Babel, by confusing their language, this compelled them to scatter and form separate nations as He had intended.

Ever since, God’s Prophets have use the term Babylon as a symbolic representation of Satan’s dominion through human government, culture and religion.

It’s difficult to imagine the magnitude of suffering that will take place during the few terrifying years at the end of our age. By the Mercy of God that frightening time will pass quickly.

Repent now and be Right with God!

Pastor Jonathan.

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