Bible Study

Dear Ministry of Fruitful Fellowship Bible Study Class Members. Studies involve a two part introduction :

STUDY  COMPLETE 1) What Does It Take To Grow? 


 STUDY  COMPLETE 2) My Position in Christ: Every Spiritual Blessing. 

Then the Powerful Studies of the Blessed Person and Work of God the Holy Spirit.   
 STUDY  COMPLETE Lesson 1)–Holy Spirit 

Lesson 2)–The Personality of the Holy Spirit 1/28/2011

Lesson 3)–The Deity of the Holy Spirit 1/04/2011

Lesson 4)–The Holy Spirit’s Work of Regeneration 2/11/2011

Lesson 5)–The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit 2/18/2011

Lesson 6)–The Sealing Ministry of the Holy Spirit 2/25/2011

Lesson 7)–Spirit Baptism 3/4/2011  

We invite you to join us as we come together via Skype to study Gods word.
The Ministry of Fruitful Fellowship is deeply committed to the original purpose for which God raised up Bible Study
Fellowship,  we are  also committed to removing barriers that might inhibit the effectiveness and expansion of Bible Study Fellowship in the future.

We believe we have an historic opportunity to both improve and expand Bible Study Fellowship in order to bless the nations of the world thru the avenue of Skype for the advancement of this new initiative with wisdom, excellence and humility.

We must bring to your attention that we will ring everyone from 7:30 PM Fridays.
 As you answer please mute all mics. you have 15 minutes before we actually start. Praise and Worship music will be playing as we get everyone on.  
The prepared  schedule time is  at 7:45 PM (SHARP) We thank you for the spirit understanding.
Thank you again for your prayers and friendship  in Christ.
May God alone receive the Glory!

The Ministry of Fruitful Fellowship


Edwin & Bianca Ambrose

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