Renew Your Faith Like Job

Job; the 18th book of the Bible. Set in the period of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph) it gives the account of a man who loses everything- his wealth, his family, his health, everything and wrestles with the question. Why?

The book begins with a heavenly debate between God and Satan and moves through three cycles of earthly debate between Job and his friends, and concludes with a dramatic divine diagnosis of Job’s problem. In the end Job acknowledges the sovereignty of God in his life and receives back twice more than what he had before his trials.

Lyyob is the Hebrew title for this book, and the name has two possible meanings. It derived from the Hebrew word "Persecution," it means "Persecuted One," It is more lightly it comes from the Arabic word meaning "To come back" or "Repent". If so, it may be defined "Repentant One" both meanings apply to the book. The Greek title is Iob, the Latin title is Iob.

I leave it up to you to read the Book of Job so your Faith can be renewed by His Trials.

Gob Bless Richly

Pastor Jonathan

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