Faith without action cannot be called faith. Faith without action is dead; and a dead faith is no faith at all. Faith must work: it must produce: it must be visible: Verbal faith is not enough: mental faith is insufficient. Faith must be there, but it must be more, it must inspire action. In the epistle of James; James integrates true faith and everyday practical experiences by stressing that true faith must manifest itself in action of faith. Faith endures trials. Trials come and go, but a strong faith will face them head-on and develop endurance. Faith understands temptations. It will not allow us to consent to our lust and slide into sin. Faith obeys the Word. It will not merely hear and not do. Faith produces doers. Faith harbors no prejudice. Faith and favoritism cannot coexist. Faith displays itself in action. Faith is more than mere words; it is more than knowledge; it is demonstrated by obedience and it overly responds to the promises of God. Faith control the tongue. This small but immensely powerful part of the body must be held in check. Faith can do it. Faith act wisely. It gives us the ability to choose wisdom that is heavenly and shun wisdom that is earthly. Faith produces separation from the world and submission to God. It provides us with the ability to resist the devil and humbly draw near to God. Faith waits patiently for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through trouble and trial it stifles complaining.

Bless the Lord for His Word.

Pastor JonathanDad & Lion

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