virtuous woman

Hebrews 11: 1;

There is a direct relationship between faith and hope. You can’t have one without the other. Faith gives substance to things we hope for. Remove hope, and faith has no goal to achieve. An illustration of that is as followers; a certain boy attended a church service. As the people started praising the Lord, the temperature in the sanctuary began to rise. He saw the usher walk over to the wall and turned the dial on the little white box. Within seconds cool air blew out of a vent onto the boy’s face. Utterly amazed, he thought this must one of the greatest things he’d ever experience. So the boy asked what the box was and how he could get one. He was told it’s a thermostat and could buy one at the hardware store. He hurried to buy one, mounted it on the wall in his room; but no matter how he turned it, there was no cold air coming out. See he never knew it to be hooked up to an air condition unit.

That’s a beautiful way of how hope and faith works together. Hope is your thermostat. It activates your faith. Faith must have a goal.

Let God build a strong hope in you, then release all your faith behind it.

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