Matthew 6: 7;

Some of the most effective prayers are the shortest prayers. Jesus said, "Peace be still," and the wind and the waves ceased. (Mark 4: 39;) He said , " Lazarus, come forth," and Lazarus came back from the dead. (John 11:43-44;) On the other hand, today in many churches and prayer meetings, there is new emphasis on quantity prayers instead of quality prayers. Jesus never advocated long prayers, and there are only a few instances where He prayers long prayers. This is not to say that communion with God is not important. It certainly is, but formal prayers is only one part of our communion with God.

Many times we ask the Lord to speak to us but He can’t get a word in edgewise! We are doing all the talking. Meditation in God is keeping your mind stayed on the things of God throughout your day in prayer. There are also times when you need to be still and know that He is God. (This is prayer too). It is not the length but your heartfelt faith makes your prayer a quality prayer.

Today when you pray, understand that God is not hard of hearing, you don’t have to repeat something over and over to get His attention, and prayer is not a means to impress Him or anyone else. Simply communicate with Him according to His Word, and you are sure to receive answers to your prayer!

Pastor Jonathan.



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