Solomon discloses the main topic of Ecclesiastes to be Vanity! He expresses the futile emptiness of trying to be happy apart from God; Solomon, the richest, wisest, most influential king in Israel’s history, looks at life under the sun and from the human perspective,declares it all to be empty.

Power, popularity, prestige, pleasure- nothing can fill the God-shaped void in man’s life but God Himself! But once seen from God’s perspective, life takes on meaning and purpose, causing Solomon to exclaim, Eat……. Drink…….. rejoice……. do good…… live joyfully……. fear God…… keep His commandments!

Skepticism and despair melt away when life is viewed as a daily gift from God. ( Read the book of Ecclesiastes, it’s only 12 chapters) Have a blessed wk.end!

Pastor Jonathan



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