The first three verses in Chapter one tells who Jeremiah is and where he is from, but in the fourth verse and on, God speaks to the Prophet Jeremiah himself, He said "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you: Before you were born I sanctified you: I ordained you a prophet to the Nations."

There is so much, you can take away from this one verse! But as a daily word lets just focus on who we are as children of God; we are the Jeremiah of today; we are the ones God is calling to uphold His covenant, to receive His promises and to tell about the good news of the Gospel. In other words God depends on us to be His mouthpiece, His spokes person! Don’t let our first reaction be like Jeremiah’s! He said, " Ah Lord God! Behold I cannot speak for I am a youth." When you are called spring into action without delay, because when God calls you He already has the plan laid out for you!

Go is merciful and His mercy endures forever!

Be blessed

Pastor Jonathan.


My Word will not return voidmagaine

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