Why doesn’t Paul mention tithing in his letters?

Paul Realize that all Scripture was inspired by God and profitable for doctrine (2 Tim. 3:16-17) and that the only Scripture available at the time were the books we know as the Old Testament, Paul did not consider it necessary to repeat all of God’s laws in his letter. His letters contained answers to specific issues and were not written as a new set of laws to replace God’s instruction found in the earlier books of the Bible. Even though in 1st. Cor.9: 1-23; he defended his ministerial role and argued that he and Barnabas had the right to receive financial support from the Corinthians for their services to the Church. But even though he had the right he didn’t want to be accused of greed or even having it hinder the Gospel so he took no financial support from them.

Giving, is a heart expression of Love for God!

Pastor Jonathan


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