Complete focus on your worship!

God must always be the complete focus of your worship. For when you worship Him, there will be gifts and blessings that He will pour out on you!

In worship, you will sense why you were created. You will hear God speaking to your heart because He has softened it and made it less resistant. Also when worshiping you will experience God’s love. He will change your emotions, attitudes, and patterns of thought. More over He will pour out His Spirit upon you and make your heart open to receive all He has for you. He will refresh, renew, enrich, enlighten, heal, free, and fulfill you. He will breath life into the dead areas of your existence. He will infuse you with His Power and His joy. He will redeem and transform you and your situation. He will fill your empty places, liberate you from bondage, take away your fears and doubt, grow you faith and give you peace. He will lift you above your circumstances and limitations, and motivate you to help others find life in Him. Worship Him in Spirit and Truth. God Bless.

Pastor Jonathan

Skype (jonathan.ambrose)


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