By:  Janis Nerissa Percival

Beyond the birds, above the trees

There is a world that waits for

Amongst the land of honey and

Where I shall wear a white robe
of silk

Where there is no night, but only

For my Savior’s smile makes it
that way.

To be in this place I daily pray

And I am certain I’ll make it
there someday.

I’ll walk upon streets of gold

And have to me all answers told.

Where angels dance

And exhibit a different type of

My heart will be safe

For my soul will be saved.

Life will never end

And everyone will truly be my

To this place I am so anxious to

Homes of gems, and gates of

Truly, this will be a most
magnificent world.

There’ll be no work. Only loving

From day to day! It will be this

I’ll sing and dance, most certainly,
most sure.

And praise my Lord in this place
forever more

As he is the one these wonderful
gifts did store.

Oh to sit with the King

What a marvelous thing!

To hear angels sing

And among clouds to swim.

Life will be easy, it will be

There’ll be no hurt or hatred

No worries, no fears, never a

I can’t wait to land

Will I see you there?

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