Lesson 6 -The Sealing Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Prepared for March 18, 2011



Metaphorical Use of the Term.
word “seal,” both substantive and verb, is often used figuratively for the act
or token of authentication, confirmation, proof, security or possession.
Sin is said not to be forgotten by
God, but treasured and stored up with Him against the sinner, under a seal ( Dt
32:34; Job 14:17).
In the New Testament the main ideas
in the figure are those of authentication, ratification, and security. The
believer in Christ is said to “set his seal to this, that God is true” ( Jn
3:33), to attest the veracity of God, to stamp it with the believer’s own
endorsement and confirmation.
The Father has sealed the Son,
authenticated Him as the  bestower of life-giving bread ( Jn 6:27).
The circumcision of Abraham was a
“sign” and “seal,” an outward ratification, of the righteousness of faith which
he had already received while uncircumcised ( Rom 4:11; compare the prayer
offered at the circumcision of a child, “Blessed be He who sanctified His
beloved from the womb, and put His ordinance upon his flesh, and sealed His
offering with the sign of a holy covenant.
God by His Spirit indicates who are
His, as the owner sets his seal on his property; and just as documents are
sealed up until the proper time for opening them, so Christians are sealed up by
the Holy Spirit “unto the day of redemption” ( Eph 1:13; 4:30; 2  Cor 1:22).
Ownership, security and
authentication are implied in the words, “The firm foundation of God  standeth,
having this seal,
The Lord  knoweth them that are his”
(2 Tim 2:19).
The seal of God on the foreheads of
His servants (Rev 7:2-4) marks them off as His own, and guarantees their eternal
security, whereas those that “have not the seal of God on their foreheads” (Rev
9:4) have no such guaranty.


Read 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and answer
these questions: Paul describes the believer’s body as ______________________


Where is the Holy Spirit
(verse 19)? ______________________


Now that we are saved, are we
our own?  ______________________


Who do we now belong to?


Write in your own words  and
give scripture.______________________


Read (2 Cor. 5:15) and  (1 Cor. 6:20)
Are we free to live for ourselves ?_____________________


are we not our
own _______________________________.



Salvation is free, but it is
certainly not cheap!


Circle the one sentence that is


1. God the Holy Spirit dwells and
lives within every believer.


2. Every believer has been
bought with a price and belongs totally and completely to the Lord.



3. Every person who has the
Holy Spirit belongs totally and completely to the Lord.



4. There are some believers
who belong totally and completely to the Lord, but they have not yet received
the Holy Spirit.



Read (Romans 8:9) which teaches us that if
any man does not have the _____________ of Christ he is



In each case the
different terms emphasize different aspects of the same thing, person, or
concept. Likewise, we will see that the Scriptures use a number of names
interchangeably to refer to the Holy Spirit.


Complete this sentence using


This means that if a person does not have
the  ____________ then he does not belong to ________________.


John 14:16,17,26 Jesus promised to send
“the Comforter” even “the __________________ to the apostles.


Matthew 22:43 – David spoke Psalms
110:1 ________________ But the parallel passage in Mark 12:36 says He spoke it
by the _______________.


Matthew 3:16 says
__________________descended on Jesus as a dove at His baptism, but remember Luke
3:22 says it was the _____________.



True or


________ Every person who belongs to
Christ has the Holy Spirit.


________ Every true believer has the Holy


________ It is possible that a true
Christian may not have the Holy Spirit dwelling within.


________ If a person does not have the
Holy Spirit, then He is not a true Christian.


In Ephesians 1:13 we learn three things
that have happened to every person who is truly saved: “In whom ye also trusted,

(1) after ye heard the ____________ of
____________, the __________________ of your salvation; in whom also

(2) after ye _____________________,

(3) ye were _________________________ with
that ________________ of promise.” We shall now study these three ingredients of

Ephesians 1:13 tells us, in order for a
person to be saved, he must first hear the ________ of __________ which is the
_________________ of his________________.




Faith is properly and correctly
responding to the Word of God.



Ephesians 2:8  Without faith, can a
person be saved ? _____



Is it possible to respond properly to
God’s Word if you have never heard it? ______,



Romans 10:14 Can a person believe on the
Lord Jesus Christ if he has never heard of Him? ______, why



Romans 10:17. “Faith comes by
______________ and ________________ by the ___________.



Therefore, for a person to be saved, he
must first ___________ God’s __________.



Eph. 1:13; Acts 16:31 Many
people hear God’s Word, but, sadly, they are never saved.



Not only must a person _________God’s
Word, but he must respond properly to God’s Word by _________________ on the
Lord Jesus Christ.



Ephesians 2:8 – 9 Men and women, boys
and girls are saved in only one way – they are saved through ____________ and
not by ___________.




Ephesians 1:13 When a person hears the
gospel and responds by trusting Christ and Him alone as his personal  Savior,
then God does something very wonderful to him! He is ______________ with the
__________of promise.



According to 2 Corinthians 1:21-22, who
is the One who has sealed us? _______.


According to Ephesians 1:13 what (or
WHO) are we sealed with? ____________.



2 Cor. 1:22 Therefore God the Father is
the Sealer (the One who seals) and God the Holy Spirit is the Seal! Where is the
seal? _____________.



God has sealed us with His Holy Spirit
and this seal is a mark of ownership!



Suppose Cowboy Sam were to brand his
cattle with this mark:
S.gif (1041 bytes)
Suppose Cowboy Hank were to brand his
cattle with this mark:
h.gif (1070 bytes)
If you were riding on your horse and you
came across a stray steer with
S.gif (1041 bytes)


branded on its hide, then you would know
that the steer belongs to  Cowboy Sam. He has branded with his own personal mark
of ownership!”



Read Ephesians 1:13 The believer in Christ
has been “branded” or sealed with what (or WHO)?__________________


2 Corinthians 1:21-22 Who has sealed the
believer? _______


Therefore the believer can say, “I know
that I belong to _______ because He has_____________me with His Holy


In 2 Timothy 2:19 we read: “Nevertheless,
the foundation of God standeth sure (solid), having this _________, the
______________ knows them that are __________.” He knows those who truly belong
to Him!


Does the Lord know which people He has
sealed with the Holy Spirit and which people He has not sealed? _______


In your own words give an example
to these questions.


As you watch and observe other people, is
it possible for you to actually see the Holy Spirit in them?  Is the Holy
Spirit visible or invisible? Therefore, is God’s seal visible or


The first time you looked in the mirror
after you were saved, did you see any great difference in your appearance? _____


Did you see the Holy Spirit living in you?


Did you find God’s name written on your
forehead as the people described in
Revelation 14:1? _______




________ The believer is sealed
with the Holy Spirit, but no one can see this seal except the


________ When a sinner is saved
his physical appearance changes drastically.


________ The Lord knows which
people have the Holy Spirit in their hearts


Read and compare (1 Samuel 16:7) with (2
Corinthians 1:22).


Certainly God knows that we belong to Him,
but how can other people know that we belong to the Lord?


The answer to this question is found in
the last part of 2 Timothy 2:19: “Let every one who names the name of Christ
depart from ______________.


” According to this verse, explain how
other people can know that we are truly Christians:


(Gal. 5:22-23;  Eph. 5:9) Although people
cannot see the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, are they able to see the
fruit of the Spirit? _______


(John 13:35) How can the world know that
we belong to Christ?




________ The world can actually see the
Holy Spirit in the believer.


________ The world can see the way we live
and conduct ourselves and they can see the evidence of the Spirit at work in our


________ The person who truly has the Holy
Spirit will want to depart from iniquity and unrighteousness. His desire is to
please and obey the Lord.


________ If a person is consistently
living in sin and unrighteousness then he is giving evidence that he does not
belong to the Lord (compare 1 John 2:29; 3:10).


________ If a person claims to be
a Christian then he must be a true believer. If you say you are saved then this
means that you really are saved.


Ephesians 1:14 teaches us that the Holy
Spirit is the “_______________ (down payment, pledge) of our inheritance until
the ______________of the purchased possession.” This verse is talking about the
believer’s final redemption when the believer will be with the Lord
forever and will never again sin.


John 14:2-3; Romans 8:23 Christ has
promised us that someday He will return for His believers.


As a guarantee that Christ’s promise is
true, God the Father has given us His Holy Spirit as an earnest or pledge that
someday our salvation will be completed (compare Phil. 1:6). “God has also
______________ us, and given the ________________ (pledge) of the ____________
in our hearts” (2  Cor. 1:22). “God also has _______________ unto us the
__________________ (pledge) of the ________________” (2  Cor. 5:5).


(John 14:1-3)  To understand the word
“earnest” just think of an engagement ring. When a young man gives his
sweetheart an engagement ring, the ring serves as a pledge or a guarantee that
someday he will come to marry the girl who has the ring.
He will receive his
bride and enter into a wonderful relationship with her.


(1 Thess. 4:16-18) (Phil. 1:21-23)  (2 C
or. 5:8) (1 John 3:1-3).


Therefore, the fact that we have the
__________  is a guarantee that someday Christ will come to receive His bride
and we will be with Him face to face in a far greater and closer relationship
than we enjoy even now




________ The fact that we have the Holy
Spirit now proves that someday our salvation will be complete and we will be
with the Lord. All who are sealed will be saved forever!


________ We are sealed with the Holy
Spirit until we sin ( Eph. 4:30).


________ It is possible for the believer
to grieve and sadden the Holy Spirit because of sin in his life ( Eph.


________ When the believer sins, it is
then that the Holy Spirit leaves him and abandons him ( Eph. 4:30; John


________ God the Father has given us the
Holy Spirit so that He might abide and live with us forever (John


________ A saved person can lose the Holy
Spirit and become UN-SEALED.


________ The Holy Spirit sometimes leaves
a believer (John 14:16; Hebrews 13:5).


________ It is possible for a true
believer to become un-sealed.


________ If a person claims to be a
Christian, then he should show that he is really saved and really sealed by the
way he lives (2 Timothy 2:19).




An envelope has a seal.  The purpose of
the seal is to make sure that the contents of the envelope are kept safe and do
not fall out, and so that the contents can arrive safely at the desired



(1 Pet. 1:4). God has a destination marked
out for every child of God, a place “reserved in _________________ for you” God
will make sure that every believer is delivered safely to his final
destination.  The Holy Spirit is the “seal,” or the guarantee that we will get


Take an ordinary envelope.  On a piece of
paper have the student draw a picture of himself.  We are assuming that this
person is a believer in Christ.  He can write his name next to the picture.
Then fold the paper and place in the envelope.  Lick the flap of the envelope
and seal it securely.  On the back of the envelope write:


“I am Christ’s
purchased possession.
The Holy Spirit is the Seal
and because of Him I
am safe and secure.”


On the front of the envelope write in the
destination address:


To the Father’s
House (John 14:1-3)
Located in  Heaven
Far Beyond Any Zip


Where the return address is normally found


From the Owner,
the Redeemer,
The Lord Jesus Christ,
the One who purchased


Where the stamp is normally put,


Paid in
by the blood
of Christ.






Lesson 7 Prepared for March 18,



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