Why do parents make kids do things they don’t want to?

Written by Sharifa

Every kid asks their self; why do our parents makes us do things we don’t want to do? But what we don’t understand at a young age is that they are just trying to take us down the right path. The things they help us with are for the good!
Like when we want to know why we shouldn’t stay out pass the time they ask us to be home, it’s just because they want to know that we will be safe and we will be out of trouble. There are a lot of things that we don’t know that they do, so all they are trying to tell us is that it’s not always the best thing to be out an about. And when they tell us we need to get a job! It’s so we know how to be independent in the real world it’s not because they don’t want to help us. Life is not as easy as it looks so for us to understand that they show us what it’s like before we are really on our own.
So when you look at it when you get older you say to yourself; I am glad my mom and dad was there to help me understand what is really going on in life. So just know it’s never just because they don’t want you to be happy its cause they want you to know what’s better for you and what will help u in life. I know my mom and dad did a good job with helping me and I am glad I had them there for me!
        P.S.( Thank you mom and dad for helping me understand!8D love you both!)

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