Develop A Heart For God

 Written by Juliette Ambrose

People who have a heart for God want to know Him. And they want to know Him well.

People who seek after God want what He wants.  And what God wants is that we become more

like Him. Because we all fall short of the standard God has for us in the way we think, act, and live our lives, we all need to change. But only God can make changes in us that last. And only as we seek Him for those changes.


No matter how long we have known God or walked with Him, we can always pray we will know Him better and walk with Him closer. In the same way we pray for ourselves, we can also pray for our adult children. While we can’t pray a relationship with God into existence for them, we can pray that their hearts will be turned toward the Lord and open to receive from Him. We can pray that they have a desire to know God better and become more like Him. We can pray that their hearts will be closed to the lies of the enemy and open to God’s truth.


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