Written By

Robert Gil Small


 I was asked by a friend, what if you die and find

The God you serve and love so much is only in your mind?


I looked at him and answered, I didn’t need to think.

If God’s not there we both will drown, this boat we share must sink.


If you could see what God’s shown me what if wouldn’t cross your mind.

You would have no doubt that God is there unequaled joy you’d find.


All it takes is seeking you will find the evidence.

For people who say they can’t see God; what if is the invisible fence.


I’ve found God’s proof surrounds me just by reading His book.

But if you’re afraid or lazy What if! Mean you won’t look.


I think by now you understand what I’m telling you

But, answer me, questions, just what will you do?


I won’t say what if because I know it’s true

When you die and reawake and find all things are new.


When you look around and you see that icy stare

And suddenly hear hello I’m God and I was always there!


Why did you not ask What if this thing is true?

What if God is truly there then what would I do?


Here is some advice the best that I can give.

The time to search for God is now while you still live.


Don’t wait until you die for then it is too late.

Learn about His love in life before you find His hate.


Seek all the proof of God, all that you can find.

You will see the words what if will never cross your mind.


My life is better now than it’s ever been.

God’s reward last forever and so does his punishment.


I’m not a gambling man but, I don’t think I’d fret.

I don’t need odds against what if! I’ll take the other bet.


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