Lesson #1

My Position in Christ: Every Spiritual Blessing

INTRO: Lesson #1  
How you think about yourself really does affect how you feel and behave. Tragically, many people go through life with a deep sense of worthlessness and insecurity.
They feel unloved and carry the heavy burdens of guilt and shame from past mistakes they have committed.
Why is this tragic?
Because that is not how God feels and thinks about us! A key to experiencing the joys of your Christian life is to renew your mind!
(See Romans 12:1,2)
Instead of looking at life through your limited perspective, God wants you to see yourself and all of life through His perspective!
Today we begin a life changing journey that will teach you how God thinks and feels about you.
As you grasp this truth and believe it, watch what happens to how you think and feel.


Read Romans 8:32 – God provides for all my needs!

How do you know that God will do anything for you?

Understanding this spiritual blessing will help you to never be anxious, because you know that God is ready, willing and able to provide for all your needs.
Read Romans 8:33, 34, Romans 8:1 and 1 John 1:9-2:2 – God does not condemn me!
A common problem for many people is that they are unable to get up after making mistakes.
It is imperative that you understand what it means that God has forgiven you!
Take a moment and make a list of things that you think God may be holding against you.
_______________________________ _____________________________
_______________________________ _____________________________
God has forgiven you as a Christian. Take a moment and thank God for His forgiveness. Now take a pen and scribble out what you have written.
If God has forgiven you, He says that He will never remember your
sin any more! Since you are not guilty before God, you can feel freedom from the bondage, guilt or shame that accompanies your mistakes!
Read Romans 8:35-39 – God loves me!
Can any of the following separate you from God’s love?
____ Trouble, hard times or persecution
____ Famine or financial hard times
____ Violence of others
____ Dangerous circumstances
____ Life or death
____ Angels or demons
____ Present or future circumstances
 ____ Height or depth
____ Spiritual powers
____ Anything in creation
____ Yourself
____ None of the above!
Since God’s love is unstoppable and irresistible, you can feel secure and valued!
Memorize Ephesians 1:13. Ask God to help you change how you think about yourself. Remember what the Bible says about how God thinks about you and feels toward you.
Let this truth be the source of comfort and inner transformation!

2 Peter 1:3-4 , Ephesians 3:14-21



Keep in mind that God’s love is unconditional! He sees all of your weaknesses and mistakes – yet He loves you completely.
What you have in Christ is a free gift; you did nothing to earn every spiritual blessing. It is just God’s good pleasure to give to you these things!
Read Ephesians 1:3-14 Who are the people who have every spiritual blessing? (verse 3)
Make a list of some of the spiritual blessings you have in Christ:
___________________ ____________________ ____________________
___________________ ____________________ ____________________
___________________ ____________________ ____________________
Remember, all of these blessings are yours because you are a Christian, not because of anything you can or cannot do!
Read Romans 8:28 – God works everything for good in my life!
According to this verse, God will:
_______Never work circumstances out for your good
_______Sometimes work circumstances out for your good
_______Always work circumstances out for your good
Knowing that God is sovereign over the circumstances in your life can give you great confidence to trust Him during trials and to take risks for Him!
Read Romans 8:29, 30 – God wants me!
While it may be difficult to understand, these verses tell you that God knew before the creation of the world that you would be His child.
Out of His love, He chose you.
He finds great delight in you and longs to be
an intimate Father to you. You were predestined to become His child.
To be justified is to be made righteous in God’s eyes. When He looks at you, He sees the perfect righteousness of Jesus, not all of your
mistakes or shortcomings!
And finally, you will one day be glorified with Him living in His presence in heaven!
How does it make you feel to know that God delights in you and wants to be your Father?
Hopefully, this makes you feel significant, deeply valued and loved!
Read Romans 8:31 – God is for me!
During difficult times it always helps to know that someone in there for you, especially if that someone is always able to help!


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