Submitted by: Cheryl 

To my greatest surprise I learned a friend of mine had taken ill and was in the Hospital. For some reason it didn’t strike me to be a serious matter. But within my journey I was approached by another friend who told me Candy was extremely ill and as a matter of fact she had been unconscious for quite some time. I was well taken back by what I had heard so I made it a point of duty to go and visit with her the following afternoon. Upon arriving at the Hospital I had this urge to reach out to her through prayers. I walked into her room and approached her bedside. She looked as fresh as a flower but unresponsive. I took her hand and asked God to have mercy on her and to give her back to us; then I spoke to her urging her to find her way back to us. I felt certain, God heard my prayer. On my way out of the Hospital I saw her brother coming to visit her, we spoke briefly then I left. I saw him again a few days later and he said; when he was with her after I left she had open her eyes. I was busy with other things that were taking place in my life and never went back to see her.

One day, I was in the city of St. Johns and someone came up behind me and put her hands over my eyes and said; guess who! I was so surprise to see her. She had made a full recovery. We spoke and she said to me; I know you came to visit me!

Thank you Lord God for your mercy and grace.

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